Easy way to sell your digital goods online

Create your e-commerce store in Telegram

How does it work?

It’s a Telegram chat bot that belongs to you that Telegram users can interact with to browse, share and buy your products.

How users will interact with your StoreBot


Share your products in other personal chats and buy from there


Buy from your Telegram channel


Talk directly with the StoreBot

Main features

Easy resource management with Airtable

Upload and manage all your products with the familiar to many platform, Airtable. I'll share with you an already properly formatted table template, that will allow you to get your products ready for sale in the shortest amount of time.
See Airtable
Airtable dashboard screenshot

Catch and fix errors early with Sentry

StoreBot is integrated with Sentry, an error and performance monitoring platform, that logs everything wrong that happens with your software. This helps find and fix bugs quickly, as well as help out with customer support in case of failed payments or any other difficulties your customers might stumble upon.
Check out Sentry
Sentry dashboard screenshot

Get paid directly to your payment provider of choice

You might already have a favourite payment provider that captures all or most of your payments. Telegram Payments supports many payments providers, amongst which you can probably find yours. StoreBot uses one of those providers, so you can process your cutomers' transactions with one of the best payment processing platforms out there.
See a list of payment providers
Stripe dashboard screenshot

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Get started

and see the README.md to find out how to set up your own StoreBot.

More about me

I’m a Software Developer in London, UK.
Feel free to check out my site railyard.works for more about me and my work.
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